6 Ways Leaders Navigate Uncertainty, Opportunity and Complexity

Learn how to utilize the 6 Leadership Mindsets to make wiser decisions, communicate more effectively and become a more agile leader.

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What People are Saying

This is fresh, insightful, and mind-expanding book that is based on sound research, in-depth case studies, and practical experience. It’s a breakthrough work with a unique perspective that will make you think differently about how you think.
Jim Kouzes
Co-author of The Leadership Challenge, and the Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University
In this marvelous and timely book, Dr. Lippitt helps leaders navigate today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous operating environment with a framework creative enough to represent this complicated reality yet practical enough to guide them through it.
Rob Kaiser
President of Kaiser Leadership Solutions and author of The Leadership Versatility Index
Mary Lippitt’s book busts some myths about leadership paradigms. She vividly explains with brilliant examples how mindsets and thought processes add up to much more for decision makers.
Jaynie L. Smith
CEO, Smart Advantage and Author of Creating Competitive Advantage
Brilliant or Blunder deftly takes us on a journey beyond the previous leadership frameworks to a more useful and comprehensive approach. Correctly focused on the decision making role of leaders, this book changes our leadership mindset in order to help us make better decisions. 
David Marquet
Best selling author of Turn Your Ship Around

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About The Author

Dr. Mary Lippitt is an award-winning author, speaker, and consultant who focuses on teams and organizations navigate today’s pressing business challenges with practical and effective solutions. Her groundbreaking work on leadership and change execution has been featured in Leader to Leader, Executive Excellence, The Journal of Business Strategy, Industry Week and on Sirius Radio.

A hands-on practitioner as well as a researcher, Dr. Lippitt has helped thousands of leaders improve organizational performance by focusing on six success mindsets. Her context analysis approach to developing leaders has been adopted by major international organizations and universities.

Dr. Lippitt earned a Doctorate in Business Administration and teaches at the University of South Florida. She is a member of the Business Transition Council, Association for Talent Development, ATD, and the Senior HRD Forum. An influential leadership expert, Dr. Lippitt is a highly sought-after author, speaker and consultant.

Get a preview of the Leadership Spectrum Profile® in this FREE book chapter download.